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Bach​á  -2003-

"The light that Bachá sheds onto the wide landscape of Latino music is acoustically warm and charming. There's a funky folk sensibility to all the arrangements, using pop polish only in very careful measure. This is an album to own, and a duo to be watched". ~

Evan C. Gutierrez, All Music Guide

Video by Mariella Sosa Productions

Bachá, Juliana Barrios and Jorge Luis Chacin.

This album was nominated  to the latin Grammy in 2005 in the category of "Best Contemporary Tropical Album".

Executive producer,  Angel Carrasco

Album produced by Julio Bagué and Ramón Árias for Peermusic III Ltd. (BMI)

"Jamás me Olvidé de Ti" produced by Juan C. pérez Soto, J. Bagué and R. Árias.

Mix,Hal S. Batt

Master, Frank Cesarano at Master Media Miami

Photo, Mariella Sosa.

Musicians. Ahmed Barroso, Sammy Figueroa, Goetz Kujack, Mike Orta, Nicky Orta, Pedro Alfonso, Rayito, 

Jesús Jorge (Chuchi), Adalberto Lara.

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